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Reservation Deposit/Key and Incidental Deposit

Standard Rate reservations booked directly through the property website, located at www.chicagoparthenonhostel.com are charged a 10% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.  The 10% is calculated based on the room rate (excluding taxes and applicable fees).  The deposit will be applied directly to the total amount of the reservation,  reducing the balance due at check-in by the amount of the deposit collected.  No refund/return and/or credit will be issued for the deposit amount, in the event the reservation is cancelled, either voluntarily or involuntarily (no-show).

Non-Refundable Rate reservations booked directly on the property website, located at www.chicagoparthenonhostel.com as well as all reservations booked through authorized online third parties, i.e. Booking.com and/or a subsidiary of, Hostelworld.com and/or a subsidiary of  and Expedia.com and/or a subsidiary of are not subject to a 10% NON-REEFUNDABLE deposit as the total amount of the reservation is due at the time of booking.  Payment will be processed for the total reservation amount as indicated on the confirmation screen/email received plus any additional taxes and fees as indicated/disclosed prior to finalizing the booking.  The property reserves the right to modify the time frame to which payment may be processed and collected for a Non-Refundable room rate to include any point from the time in which the booking was confirmed (generated reservation number/booking ID)  up to and including the stay dates from arrival to departure.  If payment processing fails or is declined by card issuer the property reserves the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice or authorization.  A cancellation notice will be generated and provided to the customer upon cancellation of reservation.

A refundable key/incidental deposit in the amount of $25.00 will be collected at check-in, regardless of room type or rate booked if a valid debit/credit card is not on file or [resented at check-in.  The deposit will be returned to the guest at the time of check-out provided the room key, property key FOB and key identifier tag along with the property issued deposit receipt have been returned to the front desk.  All key deposits uncollected by a guest will be held for a maximum of 30 days.  Deposits that are unclaimed may be requested after checkout by the guest whose names appears on the reservation.  Requests must be submitted in writing to the property along with a copy of the deposit receipt and confirmation from the property that the key, property key FOB and the key identifier tag have been returned.  All arrangements and costs associated with the return of the key/incidental deposit are the sole responsibility of the guest initiating the return request.

Check-In/Check-Out/Payment Methods

Check-In:  any time after 3:00 pm (All late arrivals (after 10pm) must be communicated via email or by phone to the Front Desk in-advance of your scheduled arrival date).  In the event of unexpected delays please contact the Front Desk as soon as possible if arriving after 10pm.

Check out:  by 11:00am.  The room key, key FOB and key identifier tag must be returned to a member of the front desk staff or placed in the secured key deposit/drop box located on the Front Desk/Office door.

All lost, non-returned or damaged keys and/or fobs and/or key identifier tags are subject to a $25.00 replacement fee.  The replacement  fee is to be paid no later than at check-out or upon receipt of a replacement key and/or fob, whichever occurs first.  All key replacement fees not paid by customer will be processed for payment using the credit/debit card that was provided during the booking process and/or the cash deposit collected at check-in.  A missing or uncollected deposit does not remove the liability of the guest to return the key, property key FOB and/or key identifier tag by checkout time on the day of the guest scheduled departure.  nor does it limit the ability or right of the property to collect the $25 replacement fee for lost/damaged/non-returned keys, FOB’s, or key identifier tags.

As part of the check-in process the balance due on the reservation is required to be paid in full.

Cash, debit/credit card (including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) are accepted forms of payment.

All payments made by debit and/or credit card are assessed a processing fee equal to 3% of the total amount charged.

All guests are required to have a valid government issued photo identification and present that ID at time of check-in (Passports, Driver License, State issued ID cards).

Modification/Cancellation Policy

Standard Room Rate allows for modifications of a reservation (when requested before 3:00pm cst, a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date).  All requests to modify reservations must be submitted in writing to reservations@chicagoparthenonhostel.com.  If reservations originated from an authorized third party website, i.e. booking.com and/or a subsidiary of, Expedia.com and/or a subsidiary of or Hostelworld and/or a subsidiary of all requests for modifications must be submitted and/or performed by following the procedures as outlined on each of the third party booking platforms/websites.  Request for modifications, in all circumstances is based on availability and may result in a Changes to a reservation, in all circumstances, under any period after the reservation has been booked is subject to availability.  A change to the reservation may result in a room rate difference and/or exclude certain rate plans from being available if all eligibility requirements are not met as outlined in the original and/or new room rate.   A room rate resulting in an increase to the reservation total will be due in full on the scheduled day of arrival during the check in process (see above for payment methods accepted).  A decrease to the overall reservation total will require only the balance due as indicated in the modified reservation total.  If applicable, any paid deposit amount will be applied to the modified reservation however in the event of a cancellation the deposit is non-refundable.  No refund return or credit of any deposit amounts collected will be authorized.  Cancellation request received after 3:00pm , 2 days or less, prior to the scheduled reservation arrival date are subject to a late cancellation/no show fee.  The penalty fee is equal to the first night’s room rate.  The fee  will be collected and processed using the credit/debit card provided at the time the reservation was booked.  In addition to the late cancellation/no show fee a 3% credit/debit card processing fee is applicable and added to the total amount charged.

Non-Refundable Room Rate does not allow for any type of modifications, including but not limited to date, room type, guest and/or room quantity.  In the case of a cancellation request, no refunds, return or credit for any collected payment amount applied to the reservation will be authorized.  Payment for a non-refundable room rate is due immediately at the time of booking, upon issuance of a confirmation and/or booking ID number.  The property reserves the right to modify and collect the balance due for a non-refundable room rate (plus tax and fees), at any point from the reservation being confirmed up to and including during the period in which the accommodation has been reserved for.   If payment processing fails, is declined by card issuer and/or only a partial payment amount is authorized the property reserves the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice or authorization.  A cancellation notice will be generated and provided to the customer.

Additional Terms and Conditions

You must be 18 years or older to make a reservation and/or check-in.  Minors under the age of 18 are allowed when accompanied by an adult (21 or older) when staying in the same private room together.  Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted in dorm rooms even if accompanied by an adult.

Residents of the City of Chicago are not permitted to stay at the property. This includes any guest ID presented that indicates an address beginning with the zip code of 606XX (whether currently residing at the indicated address or not).  Any reservation booked while failing to meet residency requirements will not receive a refund for any payments collected in conjunction with this reservation, i.e. penalty fees, deposits, etc.

No pets and/or animals are allowed on the property.  *Service animals are exempt from this policy

Building is not handicap accessible.  All guests room are located on floors above street level and can only be reached by transiting stairs.  There is no elevator/lift on-site.

This is a non-smoking property.  No smoking is allowed inside or outside (with-in 15 feet of the building entrance).  A $200 cleaning fee will be assessed for any guest found violating the no smoking policy, including but not limited to violations occurring in private/shared rooms, public washrooms or shower rooms, lounges, stairwells, and/or kitchenette areas.  Credit/debit card on file will be charged in the amount of $200 and guests will be asked to leave the property regardless of the length of stay remaining.  No refund/return or credit will be issued/processed for unused room nights.

Any guest whose actions result in damage to the property will be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of damaged property.  Guest whose actions cause intentional damage or damage that occurred as a result of criminal activity will be asked to immediately leave the property (regardless of the length of stay remaining).  No refunds/returns or credits will be issued for unused room nights if asked to leave the property for actions resulting in damage to property.

Luggage Storage is available upon checkout for an additional fee of $2.00 per bag/item.  Bags/items requested to be stored that are excessive in weight or size are subject to an additional storage fee.  Bags are only stored until 11:59pm on the day of your departure (checkout).  The property assumes no liability for damage to and/or loss of any bag or contents of bag.  All bags/items picked up late will be charged a $10 per bag/item fee, per day.  All unclaimed bags over 30 days will be considered abandoned and properly disposed of.

While we certainly make every attempt to accommodate a special request, we cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.

To ensure an environment that allows for a range of activities while respecting individual guests there is no alcohol permitted anywhere within the property.  Guests violating this policy will be asked to leave.  No refunds/returns or credits will be issued for guest that are found violating this policy and asked to leave.

Guests have 24-hour access to the property through a key FOB that is issued at check-in.  For your safety and the safety of the other guests do not grant access to any individual who is not a registered guest and in possession of a room key and front door key FOB.

Personal items left by guest in rooms and in common areas will be held for a maximum of 30 days at which point the item will be properly disposed of.  Guests are responsible for all shipping and handling charges associated with the return of lost and found items that they request to have sent to them.  The carrier of choice and method of return cannot be guaranteed however every attempt will be made to utilize the customer requested services.

Bed Linens and pillows are provided by the property.  Towel service is included with all private rooms at no additional cost.  Towel service for guests in a dormitory room is available for an additional fee of $2.  The fee paid is a one-time charge that covers the entire length of stay.

Payment of the required reservation deposit and/or final payment/balance due amount will be processed and accepted as a third-party payment when the following requirements have been satisfied.

  1. A Parthenon Guest House issued credit card authorization form must be completed, signed, and returned via email to reservations@chicagoparthenonhostel.com.
  2. A picture of the account holder’s government issued, valid photo identification, front and back must be submitted via email to reservations@chicagoparthenonhostel.com.
  3. A $5.00 processing fee is applicable to all third-party payments and shall be applied to each separate transaction processed as such. The fee will be added directly to the total amount authorized and to be charged.

Reservations consisting of 10 or more guests is considered a group reservation.  All group reservations must be booked by the property directly as additional terms and conditions are applicable.  The property can be reached via email at reservations@chicagoparthenonhostel.com.  A reservation containing 10 guest or more not booked directly with the property is subject to cancellation.  No advanced notice or authorization is required.  If cancelled a cancellation notice will be provided to the guest.

In the case of an error or omission to published rates listed on any authorized website/platform the property reserves the right to correct the rate and/or cancel the reservation booked at the incorrect rate.

The property reserves the right to modify/update/change/delete any of the terms and conditions as listed and/or add additional terms and conditions.



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